Event Review: The Micro Kitchen by Broadsheet & A Friend of Mine

JA prides himself in finding little niche spots around the inner urban areas of Melbourne. He spends his non-billable hours thralling through his artsy readings and lurking in exclusive wine bars, whilst sipping a glass of red and nibbling on a cheese platter with sweet Mimsy, the love of his life. Yesterday, JA was kind enough to invite S and myself along for a glimpse of one of his newest findings.
Unfortunately, this finding will cease to exist after tomorrow.
Broadsheet has combined renowned Melbourne chefs and designers in a temporary kitchen adequately named ‘The Micro Kitchen’.  
The schedule for the week:

Monday 25 July: Trent Jansen (Industrial Design) and Matt Wilkinson & Damien Styles (Pope Joan)

Tuesday 26 July: PAM (fashion and product design) and Andrew McConnell & Josh Murphy (Cumulus Inc.)

Wednesday 27 July: Edwards Moore (architecture) and Kate Holloway (The Premises)

Thursday 28 July: Susan Cohn (jewellery) and Maurice Esposito (St Peters)

Friday 29 July: A Friend of Mine (graphic design) and Joseph Abboud (Rumi)
Blacked eyed bean, Newmarket smoked ham hock, winter vegetable and baby spinach by Edward Moore and Kate Holloway (The Premises)

We were both thrilled to see this side of Melbourne. For $5 you will receive a soup of the day, which reflects the designer’s practice and the chef’s cooking style. To top that off, you receive a slice of fresh sourdough bread from Loafer Bread. There is also coffee from Sensory Lab for those who crave some delightful caffeine and local craft beer from Thunder Road.
Thanks for sharing this with us, JA!
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