Cafe Review: Parker Pies

Location: 86-88 Main Street, Rutherglen
Phone: (02) 6032 9605
Overall Impression: 9/10
Rutherglen is a beautifully small country town renowned for its sweet wines (mainly for their muscat and muscadelle (used to be known as Tokay but for legal reasons this is no longer acceptable). Three and a half hours later, we finally arrived on a Saturday afternoon. We stayed in a lovely cottage on Main Street during our brief but memorable visit.
It was wonderful to visit winery after winery. We certainly did not leave empty handed at any of the wineries.
In terms of our foodie adventures at Rutherglen, we could not go pass Parker Pies. Renowned for their award-winning pies, we were all excited to dine at their café. In the past, we have had their pies sent to J’s place in bulk but they have stopped offering this service. As such, J and I were feeling particularly deprived of the pies and this was a wonderful treat. Their pie menu boasts 26 varieties of pies.  My favourite pies include the Crocodile pie (Crocodile and crab meat in a sweet chilli sauce) and the Venison pie (Venison flavoured with juniper berries and orange with local Rutherglen wine).
Unfortunately, we discovered that not all their pies are ready to eat at the café. With a lot of the more exotic varieties, you could only buy them frozen (which we happily did).
What makes Parker Pies so special are the fact that they use fresh, wholesome, local produce. Everything is smacked full of flavour. Hearty, tasty and most importantly, everything tasted real.