Cafe Review: Be-Hive Cafe Bar

Location: 459 Collins St, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9614 0019
Overall Impression: 5/10
Be-Hive is known for its salads. No, they are not your traditional I-am-on-a-diet type salad. These are salads that are harsh on the waist line but easy on the hip pocket. Think slivers of juicy deep fried chicken on a bed of creamy Caesar salad. There is nothing delicate or refined about the salads at Be-Hive but they certainly satisfy. Starting at $8.00 for a choice of two salads from their salad bar, it is a bargain. The portion sizes are incredibly generous.     
Choice of 2 salads from the Salad Bar: Roast Chicken and rice Salad [left] and Chickpea salad [right] $8.00
Lamb Risotto $16 from the a la carte menu

I have tried items from their a la carte menu but have not found them particularly impressive. However, as all the items on the menu are kept under $20, it is no doubt, reasonable.
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