Event review: Twinings Tea Party

Check out: http://www.twinings.com.au/

Host: JJ's Bar & Grill
Location: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank
Phone: 03 9292 6891
Link: jjsatcrown.com.au

Gastrology was invited to an exclusive Twinings Tea Party with a very special guest -  Mr Stephen Twining (a 10th generation member of the world famous tea family).
The event was hosted by JJ's Bar and Grill at Crown. As is customary, there was a lovely three tier high tea stand that was generously filled with delectable savouries and sweets. 
We were privileged to taste three brand new Twinings blends that have yet to be publicly released.
We had a wonderful time enjoying the simple pleasures of life - indulging in perfectly brewed cups of our favourite Twinings teas.
Master tea blender and taster, Mr. Twining was kind enough to demonstrate to us the art of creating the perfect cup of tea.
We were also given the opportunity to create our very own tea blend. Mr Twining explained that a lot of factors have to be taken into account when creating a new tea. For example, the size of the leaves is an important consideration because a good blend should have teas with similar sized leaves to avoid the blend separating when kept in a jar.
Mr Twining impressed and entertained us with his brilliant sense of humour.
We couldn't leave without an autograph!
The new blends
My favourite new blend is the Assam Bold served with a hint of milk. As the name would suggest, it is a very bold tea but is surprisingly smooth and well-rounded. However, if you want to wind down with something deliciously refreshing and caffeine free, the new ‘Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla’ and ‘Blueberry, Apple and Rosehip’ flavoured infusions are sure to please.

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