Cafe Review: Little King Cafe

Location: Shop 4/209 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9654 0030
Cuisine: Coffee, Sandwiches, Cakes
Overall Impression: 7/10

I was catching up over coffee with my favourite ex-colleagues. As usual, JA was left with the gripping task of deciding where we should go. I knew we were in good hands since JA is quite the coffee enthusiast. On this occasion, JA suggested Little King Café.
Little King Café is a delightfully snug little café hidden beneath the archways of St Paul's Cathedral. The tiny space is humble and calming. The windows are adorned with lace curtains that add a touch of nostalgia. Perfect, given we would all be doing a lot of reminiscing.
Long Black
Long Macchiato
The coffee, as expected, was brilliant. The waitstaff were warm and friendly and the service was desirably prompt. Little King Café is the perfect scene for a lazy afternoon with good friends and good coffee.

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