A selection of our favourite places to celebrate the end of a working week...

As we draw near to the end of a working week, we thought we should share some of our favourite spots for Friday night celebrations...
Fog Bar and Restaurant

It's a Friday night and FOG Bar and Restaurant is bustling. While most are toasting to the end of another working week, the work is just beginning for the FOG team...read more

Red Spice Road

..It was great being able to wind down with these cocktails after dinner. We ordered one of their latest post-dinner cocktails and were very impressed by how sophisticated it tasted. To our delight, they were also very generous with that volatile substance we love. A good cocktail should always have a decent Alcohol By Volume (ABV) reading and these did not disappoint... read more

Acland St Cantina

A sexy, gritty space devoted to the worship of Mexican food and drinks, combined with tunes from resident DJ Happy Juan, means Acland Street Cantina (ASC) presents a seductive Friday night proposition...read more

Dikstein's Corner Bar

...What this bar is perhaps most famous for is its gourmet pizzas. Down to $6 in the evenings, they have a nice mix of pizzas with adventurous toppings and conventional pizzas... read more

Melbourne is filled with Thai restaurants but Ayatana manages to stand out from the crowd. The decor is modern and relaxed, with grey and white dominating the colour scheme. Pictures of Thailand hang proudly on the walls, as do decorative rows of wine bottles, which is no surprise given Ayatana professes to be a wine bar and restaurant... read more

Royston Hotel 

Hand pumped, cask conditioned beer. This is how beer used to be (before big corporations started pasteurising and carbonating it) and how beer should be.

After years of mass produced, artificially carbonated beer flooding the market and becoming the new ‘norm’ in Australia, hand pumped beer is beginning its resurgence thanks to breweries like the Holgate Brewhouse in Woodend, and temples of beer worship such as The Royston and the Great Northern Hotel... read more


...This Izakaya-style restaurant authentically resembles the Japanese izakaya experiences J and I have had during our time in Japan...read more