5 & Dime Bagels

Location: Varies
Phone: 0433 339 367
Link: http://www.5dimebagel.com.au/ and facebook
Cuisine: Bakery

Zev Forman, owner and baker of 5 & Dime, has set out to bring fresh New York style bagels to Melbourne.

His bagels are hand rolled and boiled which sets them apart from the regular Melbourne bagels that have been made by a machine and steamed to increase production. 

The resulting bagels have a fuller flavour and wonderful texture. While the bagels are not necessarily authentic and traditional, they most certainly are the real deal. 

The bagel types include sesame, poppy and cinnamon raisin, with the everything bagel (garlic, onion, sesame, poppy, sea salt and nigella) being our favourite! 

So far, these lovely bagels are sold at farmers' markets and to a few cafes. 

To find 5 and Dime Bagel's next location, check their website or Twitter feed. Private orders of over 12 bagels can also be arranged with 48 hours notice.

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The bagels were delivered to Gastrology Bloggers courtesy of Zev Forman.