Product Review: Griffiths’ Just Fair Coffee

Just Fair Coffee is a Fairtrade, 100% Australian Certified Organic coffee brand by Griffiths Coffee

Just Fair is the only Fair Trade organic product on the market that comes in a reusable and fully recyclable tin. It also means you can easily store your coffee thanks to a secure lid that locks in freshness and taste. 

Just Fair Coffee is made from organically certified Arabica beans that are sourced from Honduras and Peru and roasted, blended and packed in Melbourne.
The decaffeinated blend is made from organically certified Arabica beans which have undergone the Mountain Water Decaffeination process which is a unique 100 per cent chemical-free process that utilises the clear, pure waters of the Pico de Orizaba and Citlatepetl glaciers in Mexico.

We enjoyed trying the caffeinated blend. The coffee was rich and full-bodied with a smooth cocoa taste, nuttiness and a sweet honey undertone.

Just Fair Coffee’s interactive website allows users to track their coffee beans’ journey, back to the farming co-operative that they originally came from – a brilliant way to explore the Fairtrade initiatives currently being supported with the purchase of Just Fair Coffee.

This brilliant Fairtrade initiative supports farmers by paying farmers and workers a fair price for their work, helping them gain skills and knowledge to develop their businesses in the global economy.

Fairtrade also means farmers and communities can use improved environmental methods and establish democratic associations or cooperatives to start local community development projects from the proceeds of Fairtrade.

As each part of the coffee supply chain is certified. This means the sale of Just Fair Coffee can be tracked and audited so the benefits of Fairtrade get back to the farmer who grew the coffee.
Gastrology bloggers sampled Just Fair Coffee courtesy of Griffiths.