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 Hot Star Taiwanese Fried Chicken
Taiwanese fried chicken, Hot Star, is the latest trend in fried chicken which is sweeping through Asia. And now, it’s in Melbourne.
With lines all the way to the road at its 233 Swanston St store, the team from Hot Star have now opened up a second Hot Star venue at 429 Elizabeth Street.
Hot Star’s  delicious 250 gram hand cut pieces of real chicken breast that are thirty centimetres in length ensure that they are being mobbed by crowds daily.
Established in 1992 by Mr. Wang in the famous Taiwanese Shilin Night Market, Hot Star is unique for several different reasons, one of which is the special cross section slice, which includes the chicken breast bone. Cooking the meat on the bone ensures the chicken is tender, juicy and distinctly flavoursome. 

Most importantly, Hot Star is fried to order; this takes five and a half to six minutes but ensures a succulent, golden brown and delicious end result. The entire chicken breast is served whole in a bag and finished off with salt and pepper and a spicy chilli seasoning.
Left: Taiwanese fried thumb bite pieces with basil and sichuan pepper salt
Right: Hand cut sweet potato chips with a tangy Plum Salt

The Hot Star menu also includes unique vegetarian offerings, including deep fried oyster mushrooms, and hand cut sweet potato chips.
A classic example of one item done impeccably well without compromise, Hot Star has indeed found a new home in Melbourne with foodies queuing up on a daily basis for their crispy chicken fix. 

Gong Cha
Gong Cha is the fastest growing tea brand in Asia and aims to provide the best quality tea and beverages to its customers (and the perfect accompaniment to your Hot Star Taiwanese Fried Chicken!)

What differentiates Gong Cha from other bubble tea outlets is the use of high quality, fresh ingredients such as fresh Taiwanese tea leaves and real, not powdered, milk. Gong Cha also allows you to customise your drink by adjusting the level of sweetness and quantity of ice. All their tea is freshly brewed daily at each respective outlet.
Their taro milk tea is particularly good. It tastes very natural and the bits of creamy taro are absolutely delicious and add a nice textural element to the drink.  

Gong Cha on Urbanspoon

Gong Cha and Hot Star are located next to each other in the following 2 locations:
Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon Hot Star/Gong Cha on Urbanspoon

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Hot Star and Gong Cha.