Event: eat.drink.westside

eat.drink.westside is proudly presented by the Maribyrnong City Council and forms part of this year's Melbourne Food and Wine Festival - Australia's internationally acclaimed celebration of food and wine.
The eat.drink.westside program unveils a host of local events from 28 February to 16 March 2014 that reflect the inner west's rich cultural diversity and love of food.
To promote Eat.Drink.Westside, we were taken on a wonderful tour of Footscray. Our tour started at 1+1 Mandarin Dumpling, where we had a taster of one of the festival events, "Steamed Silk Road Delights". 
The lovely Amy of 1+1 guided us through how to make traditional Western Chinese lamb dumplings.
We loved the lamb dumplings (which we devoured for dinner). The dumplings were filled with a dense pocket of finely minced lamb, onion and spring onions. The medium-thickness skins had a lovely chewy texture which we enjoyed. It is no wonder, 1+1 Mandarin Dumpling is well regarded as one of Melbourne's best dumpling purveyors. 
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Our tour concluded with a gorgeous Ethiopian feast at Dinknesh Lucy.
Our feast featured beautiful house-made injera bread and a host of Ethiopian delights. Each dish was full of flavour and absolutely delicious.
After the decadent feast, we participated in a traditional coffee ceremony. 
Dinknesh (Lucy) Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon

Get on board...

eat.drink.westside is part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and offers a festival program that is diverse, delicious, and a fantastic showcase of Footscray and its surrounds.

Get more information about eat.drink.westside and the festival program here and more about Footscray here!

Special thanks to Lauren Wambach from The Footscray Food Blog for being a brilliant chaperone.