Product Talk: Pepsi Next

We recently received a sample pack of Pepsi's latest product, Pepsi Next which we happily took along with us to enjoy with our wonderful friends during our day trip to Lorne over the weekend. 
We see Pepsi Next as the baby that regular Pepsi and Pepsi Max would have conceived (if they had the ability to procreate and produce another variety of Pepsi).  Taste-wise, it is very similar to regular Pepsi but contains significantly lower calories as it contains 30% less sugar and is also sweetened naturally using Stevia  (unlike Pepsi Max which is sweetened with aspartame).

Pepsi has been inviting people from around Australia to take part in a blind taste test of naturally less sugar Pepsi Next vs full sugar Coca Cola to see which taste they prefer. Check it out on their Facebook page here!  

What: Pepsi Next
Stockists:  Available most places where the Pepsi range is stocked
Sizes:  All sorts – from a 600ml single serve bottle to a 24 pack of cans.