Fairtrade Chocolate Masterclass @ Xocolatl

Gastrology bloggers visited Xocolatl as guests of Fairtrade.
Easter indulgence had subsided just in time for an evening of chocolate delight and an experience of a different kind.
This week, Gastrology was invited by Fairtrade to attend an evening of tasting, talking and cooking with chocolate.
We were joined by cocoa farmer Esther Mintah Ephraim from the Fairtrade Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana who shared her insights on growing cocoa and how chocolate makes its way to our cupboard or fridge.
We also learned the art of chocolate making from Christos Partsioglou, an experienced chocolatier and owner of Xocolatl and enjoyed plenty of tastings.

What you need to know about Fairtrade...

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is the only certification scheme that sets out to tackle poverty and empower farmers.
Buying product with the Fairtrade Mark means farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal for their product and improved terms of trade. This helps them to improve their working and living conditions, plan for a better future and create brighter opportunities for their families and local communities.

How does Fairtrade work?

The Fairtrade certification scheme provides farmers and workers in developing countries with a fair price (the Fairtrade Price) for their produce, helping protect them from damaging fluctuations in world market prices. They also receive an additional sum of money (the Fairtrade Premium) for investment in social, economic and environmental development in their community, such as educational and medical facilities.

Today, more than six million people - farmers, producers, workers and their families — from 70 countries benefit from the Fairtrade's independent system.

The Power of You

Fairtrade's The Power of You campaign encourages people to make a difference to the lives of farmers by purchasing ethically sourced product that carries the blue and green Fairtrade Mark. Fairtraide are launching this campaign during Fair Trade Fortnight, 2-18 May.

Fairtrade is calling on everyone to choose and change the world one purchase at a time. www.thepowerofyou.org.au

For more information visit www.fairtrade.com.au.

Images courtesy of Lucia Rossi

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