Monday Night African Feast from Jabili's Kitchen @ Mr Wow's Emporium

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Jabili's Kitchen.
Jabili's Kitchen is spicing up Monday nights at Mr Wow’s Emporium by introducing its new Monday Night Feast for two.
The Jabili’s Kitchen food truck is located at the back of iconic Mr Wow’s Emporium. 
Mr Wow’s Emporium serves an array of fine drinks. Best known for their cocktails ranging from classic favourites to the more exotic, Mr Wow also serves a selection of premium spirits, liqueurs, single malts, house-made bitters, fine-aged rum and wines. 
Mains: Braised goat in a tamarind ‘mannish water’ sauce; Sautéed baby squid with harissa tabouleh; Roast eggplant and tomato salad with a lemon & tahini dressing; Spice cous cous with saffron, currants, apricot & toasted almonds; Charred cauliflower in dukkah spice with a tamarind sauce
Condiments: Red onion ceviche, pickled cucumber, smoked pine nut satsivi, warmed injera bread

A delicious combination of five modern African flavours with accompaniments like injera bread and smoked pine nut satsivi, the feast is a sight to behold.

Both the vegetarian and meat dishes were delicious.

Our favourite vegetarian dish was the Charred cauliflower in dukkah spice with a tamarind sauce. It displayed a depth and complexity in flavour and had a lovely hint of sweetness that complemented the overall savouriness of the dish. 

The meat dishes were, like all of dishes we feasted upon, hearty. The braised goat in a tamarind ‘mannish water’ sauce was a particular standout. Each morsel was cooked to the point where the meat simply melted in our mouths. The flavours from the herbs and spices were unique and very enjoyable to eat.

The beautifully made injera which we used to pick up bites of the little dishes was the perfect canvas for the rich and spicy flavours.
The platter is a great introduction to African food and was simply delicious. Reasonably priced at $35 for two people, the Monday night African feast is a compelling proposition especially over a cocktail or two!

What: Monday Night African Feast 
Where: Jabili's Kitchen @ Mr Wow's Emporium, 97b Smith Street,  Fitzroy
Phone: 0421 483 464

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