The Pantry Delicatessen Re-opens!

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of The Pantry Delicatessen.
The Pantry Delicatessen is back with a stunning new fit out and a colossal selection of delicious and healthy take-home food.
The huge range of seasonal take-home meals provides for everyone. Salads, soups, pastas, wet-dishes, roast; the list goes on! Restaurant quality food, cooked by restaurant chefs, caters to every taste.
The Pantry Delicatessen offers dozens of sweet choices. Pantry pastry chefs custom design unique treats which are only available at The Pantry Delicatessen.
The Pantry Delicatessen offers a large range of gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free options which makes the Delicatessen the perfect option for a healthy, hearty meal – prepared with love daily by our dedicated and talented chefs.
Recipes inspired by the world’s best chefs are adapted to the season and feature fresh and high quality ingredients.
The stunning new interior features timber-clad walls and a slick silky charcoal theme throughout; the decorative props, a mix of new and vintage were sourced from as far as the south of France.
There are many exciting food collaborations to come this year at The Pantry Delicatessen. Some will take the form of interactive food experiences with others hosting Australian food icons.
During our visit we selected a few delicious items: Sourdough from Burnham Bakery Bread, Miso Salmon with soba noodles and 2 delicious sweet treats – a cinnamon tea cake and a lemon meringue pie.

We loved the sourdough which was made using traditional techniques and baked in state-of-the-art ovens. Featuring a lovely thick crust, it was delicious when served with generous splashes of extra virgin olive oil.
The salmon and soba noodles were a healthy and delicious option. The salmon was tender and juicy and had a lovely umami flavour from the miso. The noodles were slippery and flavoured well.
The cinnamon tea cake and lemon meringue pie was absolutely lovely. The cinnamon tea cake was moist and had just the perfect level of sweetness while the lemon meringue pie struck the right chords with an expertly balanced sweetness from the meringue and tartness from the lemon.
We loved this new comfort food destination and cannot wait to return and further explore what The Pantry has to offer.

Location: 1 Church Street, Brighton
Phone: 03 9591 0393

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