Spiral Foods Product Reviews: Dip & Toss Pasta Oils | Organic Sugo | Chunky Tapenades

Gastrology bloggers received the products courtesy of Spiral Foods.
Spiral Foods takes the pressure off dinner parties with its versatile new range of Dip & Toss Pasta Oils; Organic Sugo; and Chunky Tapenades.
Spiral Foods products have no added preservatives or flavours and are NONGMO.

Spiral’s Dip & Toss Pasta Oils
Available in Rosemary & Garlic; Sun Dried Tomato & Basil; and Basil & Parmesan, we loved both the aroma and the rich taste of the Dip & Toss Pasta Oils courtesy of being made from fresh herbs, spices and premium quality cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We enjoyed Spiral’s Dip & Toss Pasta Oils simply used as a dip with crusty fresh bread…
And also enjoyed tossing the oils through our home made pumpkin ravioli…
The oils are very versatile. Their use ranges from being drizzled over pizza for aroma and flavour to being used as a salad dressing.

Organic Sugos
Lovely with fresh pasta, the Sugos were also a delight as a base for a chicken cacciatore dish we had and brilliant with pasta.
The Organic Sugos are available in three varieties: Basil & Garlic, Arrabiata and Primavera. 
Made from plump organic tomatoes and fresh herbs the Organic Sugos are rich, robust, and tempered with the smoothness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Organic Sugos also pair very well with the Dip & Toss Oils, which together, bring a flourish of flavours.

Chunky Tapenades
The Chunky Tapenades are Spiral Foods’ newest range of spreads and are made from roughly chopped olives and premium quality olive oil. The tapenades are available in three varieties: Green Olive; Black Olive; and Muffuletta. The tapenades were bold and full bodied. It was clear that they were made from good quality ingredients. 
The Green Olive tapenade is full of flavour with a hint of capers and chilli, while the Black Olive is bold with the moreish taste of ripe Kalamata olives. The Muffuletta is made from a combination of both green and black olives, with roasted red peppers adding a subtle sweetness.
We loved the tapenades’ homemade taste and appearance. We thought that these tapenades were the perfect appetiser, when accompanied with crunchy bread.

What: Spiral Foods - Dip & Toss Pasta Oils; Organic Sugo; and Chunky Tapenades
Where: Stocked in a range of health food stores, independent suppliers and supermarkets around Australia