Review: Quiet Deeds Kölsch, Pale Ale, IPA + Frst Limited Edition Seasonal Variant - Vanilla Porter

Gastrology bloggers received the beers courtesy of Quiet Deeds.
Quiet Deeds was born in a local pub in Port Melbourne. After dabbling in the alcohol industry with a few different products, co-founders Pat and Dave were ready to set about creating their ultimate dream of owning their own brewery.

Launching with a Pale Ale in January 2013, followed by an IPA mid-year and a Kölsch in late November, the beers are brewed with quality and sessionability in mind. Building their brand around ‘Good deeds done in a modest way’ the boys try to celebrate the small deeds people do every day, which go totally unnoticed. Like shouting your mate a beer when he’s having a rough day or pointing to someone else when the bartender asks ‘who’s next’. 

Staying true to the dream, Pat and Dave are determined to open their own brewery in Melbourne by 2015.
The Kölsch was a clean, crisp and delicately balanced beer with subtle flavours and aromas. We enjoyed the delicate flavour balance, which we thought made it perfect for the warmer months ahead. 

The Pale ale was refreshing and had a lovely clean finish. We liked its floral characteristics.
The IPA was our favourite sessionable Quiet Deeds Beer.

We loved the strikingly hoppy and bitter flavour profile. The beer boasted a clean malty sweetness with a soft bitter aftertaste.
Quiet Deeds’ has recently launched its first Limited Edition Seasonal Variant - The Quiet Deeds Vanilla Porter.

A beer that reflects Pat and Dave’s love of Porters, the Vanilla Porter is a rich and full flavoured brew with delectable coffee, chocolate and vanilla  flavours.

Visit or find them on Facebook at to find out more about Quiet Deeds.