Recipe: BBQ Murray Valley Pork Half Loin

Gastrology bloggers tried the Pork Half Loin courtesy of MVP.
With Easter just around the corner, here's a really simple recipe that is perfect for hosting an Easter BBQ on and you want to throw something a little different into the mix!

1 kg Murray Valley Pork Half Loin, boneless & rindless
1 tablespoon olive oil
Southern Spice rub (we used the Jamie Oliver one)
Pinch of salt


Dry the pork with paper towels.
Rub and massage liberal amounts of olive oil, salt and Spice rub into the skin.
Sprinkle salt all over the surface of the skin.
Wrap the pork in foil
Chuck it on the barbie for 40 minutes
Unwrap and finish it off on the grill, allowing it to cook over the coals for 1 minute each side.

It's a seriously simple little dish that the whole family will love. 
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