Top 7 treats to get this Easter!

Easter is just around the corner. Here’s a list of our top 7 must-have treats for the festive season.

1. Go retro with T Cavallaro & Sons marzipan Pascal Lambs
For centuries, Sicilians have been giving gifts of Easter lambs. 
Because of its historical and religious significance, Tony (owner of T Cavallaro & Sons) tells us this is one of the most rewarding things they make. Making the lambs reminds him of the days when he would watch his father produce these works of art. 

The moulds were brought to Australia by Tony’s father in around 1941 and would have been used by him since the 1900s.  Dusted lightly with cornflour, the moulds are then filled with marzipan. The larger ones are then filled with a layer of Madeira sponge which is placed just under a fruit mince of sultanas, cherries, orange peel and almond which adorns a third layer within the lambs.
The lambs are then covered with a butter cream to resemble the wool.
What: Pascal Lambs (sizes rangefrom 50 gms to 3 kgs)
Where: T. Cavallaro & Sons is at 98 Hopkins Street, Footscray. 
Price: Varies depending on size
How: Call 9687 4638 to ask for availability or to place an order. 
Read more about T Cavallaro & Sons here.

2. Go mod-Oz with Cafe Vue / Burnham Bakery hot cross buns
Cafe Vue offers two delicious varieties of hot cross buns this season: Spelt and Cranberry and Chocolate

The Spelt and Cranberry hot cross buns are absolutely delicious. Made from spelt wholemeal flour from Powlett Hill Mill with a selection of sweet dried fruits thrown into the mix, the buns have a lovely hint of mixed spice, ginger and orange. Full of fruit yet, retaining a fluffy and soft texture, these hot cross buns are divine. 

For the chocolate lovers, Cafe Vue’s chocolate hot cross buns are an indulgent mix of orange puree, ginger a hint of mixed spice, and smooth chocolate chips. Threading the delicate balance between bun and cake, these hot cross buns certainly satisfy.

What: Hot cross buns (spelt or chocolate)
Where: Order online or purchase at any Cafe Vue location and Burnham Bakery:
  • Cafe Vue 430 Little Colllins Street, Melbourne
  • Café Vue 401 St Kilda Road
  • Café Vue at Heide 7 Templestowe Road Bulleen
  • Burnham Bakery, Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke
Price: One for $3.50 or 6 for $18
How: Order online here

3. Artistic Chocolate treats @ T By LuxBite 
Bernard and Yen have recently opened up a new concept in the CBD, T By Luxbite. It is Luxbite’s new confectionery concept: a store dedicated entirely to the wonder that is the tart. Their speciality tarts and macarons push the boundaries in the most miraculous manner!

What: Various chocolate and other dessert creations
Where: T By LuxBite, 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

4. Bean to bar chocolate
Bright Chocolate are a small batch chocolate maker located in Bright NE Victoria. They use only premium single origin cacao and sugar to produce their range of bean to bar chocolate and have been awarded three gold, silver and bronze in the 2015 Melbourne Fine Food Awards, along with three silver medals at the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards.

We absolutely loved the chocolate bars we sampled (pictured above)!

The single origin bars were each particularly unique. The Madagascar 72% Single Origin Chocolate possessed summary floral notes with a citrus undertone. On the other hand the Ecuador 72% Cacao Single Origin Chocolate boasted a heart-warming cinnamon, honey and vanilla flavour.

The Dominican Republic 70% Cacao Single Origin Chocolate was an enchanting chocolate which displayed earthy notes of tobacco and coffee, with a hint of cherry. The Trinidad 68% Single Origin Chocolate was our favourite chocolate. Beautifully balanced in flavour, it tasted of fresh spice, tropical fruits and had luscious caramel undertones.

Last but certainly not least the Bright Blend the 44% milk chocolate was a crowd pleaser - smooth, creamy but with half as much sugar as most milk chocolate!

Fnd out more at

5. Spread some cinnamon love with Box of Scrolls
Box of Scrolls have perfected the art of the humble cinnamon scroll. Turning moist, light dough made into fresh, aromatic cinnamon scrolls infused with the perfect cinnamon and filling, it is no wonder Box of Scrolls already have a cult following. 

Their Nutella & Banana scroll is perfect for indulging in the Easter festivities. The Nutella & Banana Scrolls are decadent and possess a melt-in-your-mouth quality that is just heavenly. The slightly savoury buttery flavour of the scroll cuts the rich taste of the Nutella and banana, resulting in a dessert that is not only incredibly indulgent, but very well balanced. 

What: Cinnamon scrolls and various variety scrolls
Where: Scrolls can be quickly delivered to most cities around Australia.
Price: Varies. Check our their site for more details -

6. Classics with a twist
Brumby’s Bakery is baking a delicious variety of Hot Cross Buns this Easter:

  • hot Cross Bun with Nutella;
  • hot Cross Bun with Salted Caramel; and 
  • traditional Hot Cross Bun

Our favourite are the tasty Hot Cross Buns which are filled with generous amounts of Nutella -a twist on the good old fashioned Hot Cross Bun.

7. Cadbury Easter Chocolates - something the whole family will love
For something that both the kids and adults will love, Cadbury's Easter chocolate range will be a sure hit. 

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