Spiral Foods Introduces New VeríVal Organic Porridge

Gastrology bloggers received the product courtesy of Spiral Foods.
Spiral Foods, Australia’s oldest and most trusted organic health food supplier, is excited to reveal their delicious new range of VeriVal Organic Porridge just in time for winter. Available for the first time in Australia under the exclusive rights of Spiral Foods, the VeriVal philosophy supports the notion that a wholesome, healthy breakfast is the key to the start of a good day.
Carefully hand mixed and packaged in the pristine Tyrolean Alps of Austria, VeriVal uses only the highest quality of organic ingredients.

The VeríVal Porridge range is a perfect choice for something different when it comes to the first meal of the day. 
We absolutely adored both the VeriVal Poppy Seed and Plum Porridge and the VeriVal Mango and Physalis Porridge.

The porridge is very easy to prepare making it very easy to have an organic, wholesome porridge that tastes great and makes you feel even better. Just add your choice of milk (or Bonsoy), heat and go.
The Poppy Seed and Plum Porridge Hot oat cereal is a delicious and textural mix of poppy seeds and plums, finished with a delicate plum granulate and bourbon vanilla. We loved the combination of nutty and earthy flavours which were beautifully balanced by the perfect hint of sweetness from the plums.
The Mango and Physalis Porridge on the other hand is a fruity mix of fun and fresh flavours and is made with sultana and date flakes, mixed with a subtle mango granulate.
Combining the highest quality organic ingredients with a unique variety of interesting and healthy blends, VeriVal Organic Porridges are perfect for those who are on the go and want something more flavoursome then traditional oats.
Find out more about VeriVal from Spiral Foods www.spiralfoods.com.au.