Only a couple of months old, the latest addition to the Bagelicious’ family already has regular customers keen to get their hands on some crispy, chewy Bagelicious creations.

Large baskets of different flavours await the fans at this Glenferrie Road eatery. We loved that each bagel we tried was well-made. Each boasting a wonderful rich glowing crust that was firm and crunchy, protecting its chewy, dense crumb inside.
An array of healthy fillings make Bagelicious a fantastic lunch option. And there are even great non-bagel options such as their healthy and flavoursome soups.
The drinks menu is not to be outshone, with a variety of cold drinks including smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Their iced coffee is a stand-out. Made from skim milk and real coffee, it is  delicious way to get your caffeine hit for the day.
Haloumi cheese bagel served with pesto, beetroot dip, lettuce & onion (Add On: chicken)

The haloumi bagel was a delicious option. Served with charred haloumi, fresh pesto, slightly tart beetroot dip and our requested add on of chicken breast, the bagel tasted wholesome.
Chicken breast bagel served with avocado dip, lettuce, roasted capsicum, and alfalfa sprout

The breast bagel was just as good. The chicken was tender and went well with the well-roasted capsicum, luxurious avocado dip and crisp lettuce. It was a healthy bagel option which ticked all the boxes.
Blueberry bagel served with peanut butter, m&ms and twirls

We ended our visit on a decadent note with a dessert bagel which was made of… well, the stuff of dreams. An aromatic toasted blueberry bagel arrived filled with melting peanut butter, m&ms and chocolate twirls. It was very naughty but equally delicious.
Bagelicious offers bagels with just the right combination of crispy crust and chewy inside, and a brilliant selection of fillings to please just about anyone.  

Location: 643 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn,
Phone: 03 9818 0066

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