The Meatball & Wine Bar Cookbook Launch

Words by Jessica Williams.
The Meatball and Wine Bar’s third chapter – affectionately known as Smith Balls, due to its location on Smith Street in Collingwood – celebrated its third birthday on Thursday night. 
Gastrology was invited to attend the celebration, which coincided with the launch of Meatball and Wine Bar owner Matteo Bruno’s first book. 

What kind of book you ask? You guessed it. Meatballs. 
Given the success of Meatball and Wine Bar – now serving up balls in three locations around Melbourne; Flinders Lane, Richmond and Collingwood, there really is no one better to sauce – no source – a meatball recipe from, than Matteo Bruno. 
Meatballs – The Ultimate Guide contains 60 meatball recipes, plus a further 60 sides, sauces and garnishes that are sure to impress. But personally, we’d just like to leave the meatball making to the experts. 
The party was a swift reminder of just how good a dining experience is at the Meatball and Wine Bar. You start with cheese and charcuterie, order your balls (five choices), sauce (three choices) sotto palle (what your balls sit on – five choices) and never leave without dessert. 
The charcuterie was divine, and yes we did take home a couple of those doggie bags containing wagyu beef jerky that was being passed around.
We had to dodge and weave through the crowd to secure a slider – well worth it, - and stayed to enjoy an extra Negroni on tap until the Whoopie Macs emerged. Ice cream sandwiches, people. 

When dining in the restaurant, you choose your cookie, you choose your ice cream and you make your bliss. Thank you Meatball and Wine Bar, we can’t wait to come back for dinner. 

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Meatball & Wine Bar.
Images courtesy of APL Photography.

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