The Tooheys Cooking Handbook

Inspired by the Tooheys Brothers’ have-a-go spirit, the Tooheys Cooking Handbook isn’t about perfecting complicated meals. It’s about getting stuck in and giving cooking a go. Nothing pretentious, just good home cooking everyone can get involved in.

Comprising 80 recipes, the Tooheys Cooking Handbook is perfect for any home cook, featuring a range of Aussie favourites, along with Asian, Mexican and Italian-inspired dishes (among many others); it’s a reflection of the evolving tastes of Australia: down-to-earth, hearty meals we cook and eat on a regular basis.

From the best spag bol to not-so-fancy fish parcels, the legendary meat pie to peri peri prawns (not shrimp!). The Tooheys Cooking Handbook is a combination of everyday recipes, mouth-watering photography, hands on cooking techniques, beer matching ideas, helpful information on the perfect technique to pour your Tooheys beer and a chance to discover the story behind one of Australia’s most adored beers.

With handy tips throughout making sure you get the best out of your meal, the ethos of this cook book not perfection, it’s about enjoying honest food with family and friends, and having a go.

Purchase your copy of Tooheys Cooking Handbook for $39.95