Hawthorn and premiership player Josh Gibson and entrepreneur Hamish Buckley, co-founders of one of Australia’s leading premixed brands “Coco” have introduced an exciting and enticing new product: COCO RUM which will hit stores nationally this month.

Following the success of COCO VODKA, COCO RUM is made from coconut water, white rum and all natural ingredients. The new drink is helping consumers shake the winter chill in time for a balmy summer.
The Coco brand strives to deliver innovative offerings that provide consumers more choice and flexibility and Coco Rum continues this same philosophy. It has even less sugar than its vodka counterpart with only 4.5 grams per 100mls. 

Coco Rum will exude the same simple style as Coco Vodka, and will be available in either a four pack or a 24 pack of 250ml cans. Drink it straight from the can or pour it over ice!