Mission Foods Red Quinoa and Chia wraps

Mission recently launched their Chia & Red Quinoa Wraps, a delicious and healthy addition to their wide variety of products from Mission Foods range. 

Gastrology received these products courtesy of Nuffnang's Product Talk and Mission Foods.

The Chia Wraps contain Chia seeds which are known as an ancient Aztec grain that contain a little bit of everything including omega-3 fats, calcium, dietary fibre and protein.
Toasted cheese wrap

The Red Quinoa Wraps on the other hand contain Quinoa which is known as the “mother of all grains” by the Aztecs. Touted as a superfood, Quinoa has the perfect balance of all nice amino acids essential for human nutrition.
Banana and peanut butter wraps

We really enjoyed the great taste of the wraps which are particularly delicious when toasted. They are perfect with both savoury and sweet options and are a great way to stay healthy when served with fresh and lean healthy options.

These wraps are available in WOW and selected independent supermarkets for RRP $4.79.

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