Product review: Ruby Chai

Rich and exotic, Ruby Chai's blend of spices are invigorating. These guys have succeeded in crafting flavours so intense, it had us begging for another sip.

At Ruby Chai, the art of bleding spices has been perfected over 20 years. They are obsessed with using only premium quality ingredients and every handmade batch begins with exquisite whole spices, ground fresh as needed. 
We were pleased to try three of their blends: the Ruby Honey Chai (black tea blended with honey and spices); Ruby Masala Chai (Black tea blended with spices); and Ruby Red Chai (Caffeine Free Rooibos blended with spices.

Each boasted amazing aromas with piquant flavours. Of particular note was the Ruby Red Chai which we thought was very clever. We loved the caffeine free aspect of it and its refreshing taste, which was almost nutty, full bodied and went very well with the blend of spices. The result was a very delicious tea.

The Ruby Chai range is certainly one to add to your cabinet to lift your spirits and quite literally spice up your life.

Phone: 0412 223 614

Gastrology received the product courtesy of Ruby Chai.