Vinitalia 2015 [11 October 2015]

Vinitalia is an event dedicated to the promotion of Italian wine (main focus) and Italian food (complementing wine) where commercial, educational and enjoyable aspects mingle together in a program made up of degustations, wine masterclasses, workshops and business meetings.

The breathtaking Royal Exhibition Building will provide the sophisticated backdrop for this enticing food and wine opera, presenting guests with a visual feast as you weave your way through tables of over 400 premium wine labels accompanied by delicious and authentic gourmet food, whilst you let yourself be transported by Mirko’s jazz tunes. 

The day promises to be a real experience, rewarding the palate and evoking emotions with its casual mix of refined flavours and dynamic notes… and an unexpected finale. 


1. Theatre with stage (auditorium style) on the showfloor 

Tentative program: 
11.15am – Roasting the perfect Italian coffee (TBC) 
12.00pm – Italian Aperitivo: Spritz & C. demo 
12.45pm – Mozzarella stretching demo with Giorgio Linfguanti from That’s Amore Cheese 
1.30pm – Ospitalita’ Italiana Restaurants & ANZIS Sommelier awards 
3.00pm – Italian Jazz with Mirko Guerrini 
3.45pm – Vinitalia Wine List Award 
4.30pm – Italian Jazz with Mirko Guerrini 
5.15pm – Cocktails and surrounding demo 
6.00pm – Italian Jazz with Mirko Guerrini 

2. Classroom on the first level where there will be masterclasses (ticketed) about: 

11.30 am – 12.30am 
Piedmont: Italy’s most awarded wine region 
Speaker: Roberto Bellini (President of AIS Associazione Italiana Sommelier) and Mark 
Protheroe (Guy Grossi’s Restaurants Head Sommelier)

1.00pm – 2.00pm 
Orange, White and Amber- Onto the Dinner Table 
Presenter: Joshua Elias from Alquimie

2.30pm – 3.30pm 
Organic, biodynamic and natural wines from Italy 
Presenter: Max Allen 

4.00pm – 5.00pm 
A Tuscan Selection Panel discussion with Joshua Elias (from Alquimie) and Michael Trembath (from Trembath & Taylor) 

5.30pm – 6.30pm 
Grappa & Acquavite: peculiarities and inimitableness Panel discussion presented by Jay Bassell (from The Carlton Wine Room) with John Portelli from Enoteca Sileno, Andrea Morazzoni from Navigli and Marco Senia from ANZIS Australia New Zealand Italian Sommeliers 

3. DOC Apericena – from 7.00pm to 9.00pm 

At 7.00pm the curtain will fall on the exhibition while the stage will light up on for an evening event: the Apericena, an Italian style after finger food.