The Best of Lamb @ Stamford Plaza [Throughout October]

Executive Chef Ketan Seth is taking diners on a journey of mouth-watering lamb dishes through October at Harry's Restaurant in Stamford Plaza Melbourne hotel.
Designed by Chef Ketan the menu is a tempting mix of lamb-centric dishes that are sure to please. 
Lamb Burger 'a la Mykonos' - tzatziki & hummus spread, sliced onions, cucumber, haloumi cheese & fries 

We were impressed by the beautiful lamb courses we sampled that each had been cooked to perfection, a nod to Chef Ketan’s experience with some of the world’s most renowned hotels including The Langham Melbourne, Crown Melbourne and Dubai’s Raffles hotels and The Atlantis.
From left: Char Grilled Lamb Lollypops; Grilled Lamb Backstrap

The Grilled Lamb Backstrap was our favourite dish of the evening. Featuring a crisp exterior of crushed pistachio and a wonderfully pink centre, this dish was full of flavour and served with pita bread (which was a wonderful canvas for the rich and indulgent lamb) and refreshing tomato and iceberg lettuce for a refreshing.
From left: Glazed Sizzling Lamb Chops; Maple Sticky Lamb Ribs

The glazed sizzling lamb chops were again, cooked very well and served with Israeli couscous and a refreshing mix of mint and fennel alongside luxurious feta. The Lamb ribs on the other hand were incredibly tender and falling off the bone. We enjoyed the sticky gooey and addictively sweet maple glaze.
From left: Lamb Loin 'en croute'; Medium grilled Lamp Rump

Our evening concluded with the 2 lamb dinner dishes that will feature this month. Both were delicious. The Lamb Loin 'en route' was lean lamb loin and baby spinach that had been rolled in crispy puffed pastry and served with baby carrots and a flavoursome lamb reduction. The Lamp Rump on the other hand was tender and pink in the middle and served with a beautifully creamy pea puree, potato fondant grilled peppers and adorned with aromatic rosemary jus.
Harry’s “The Best of Lamb” adds to the existing menu with an abundance of choice influenced by international cuisines so patrons are treated to a varied and multi-dimensional slipper lamb-centric culinary experience.

What: The Best of Lamb - 5 all day dishes plus 2 dinner dishes - priced from $17 each
Where: Harry's Bar & Restaurant, Stamford Plaza Melbourne
When: October 2015

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Stamford Plaza.