El Atino & Co

With so many budding restaurateurs jumping on the Latin American bandwagon, the prospect of one that is actually worth raving about is exciting. Far from being just another new Latino eatery serving average fare and cashing in on the trend, El Atino & Co is the real deal.

Offering a taste of honest Latin American cuisine, this new Richmond triple-threat is made up of a café they call the Food Laboratory, an EA&Co Food Store and a cooking school (opening in December - details below).

The space is vibrant, comforting and family-friendly which speaks to relaxing Latin American values.

Under the guidance of owners Alfredo Pimienta and Head Chef Martin Zozaya, El Atino & Co. provides a genuine Latin American experience.

Zozaya’s global experience cooking Latin American food, having worked in Mexico, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Madrid translates into an exciting breakfast and lunch menu which showcases simple, fresh ingredients, bold flavours whilst keeping authenticity central to the taste.

Vegan tacos 

An absolute show stopper, the vegan tacos were superb. Comprising Vegan Longanisa (made from walnuts, macadamia nuts and house-made guajillo chilli paste) within fluffy tortillas, the synthesis of the luxurious cashew sour cream and green salsa yielded a bold blend of flavours to stimulate the taste buds. Although vegetarian dishes are often easily dismissed, this particular gem is one that commands respect.

Aji de gallina 

The Aji de gallina was delicious. Tender free range chicken breasts had been slow cooked in a sous vide water bath to ensure it was cooked to perfection before being seared. Sauced with Aji Amarillo salsa, topped with grated egg olive flakes, it was a flavour explosion.

Brownie with dulce de leche

If you're looking for something sweet to have with their excellent coffee, you should not (must not) go past El Atino's Alfajores. Soft, delicate and satiny in texture, the tender crumbly cookies were held together by creamy Dulce de Leche. Yum!

El Atino & Co. is a place to meet, mingle, experiment and most of all to find your inner-Latin!


366 Bridge Rd, Richmond




Latin American

El Atino & Co. Launches Summer Cooking Demonstrations

El Atino & Co is launching its cooking school on Wednesday 9th December. The EA&Co. cooking school encourages guests to release their inner Latin in a fun night of learning, sharing and enjoying delicious South American food.

Next cooking school...


Peruvian ceviche cooking demonstration. Included in your ticket will be a lesson on everything you need to know about ceviches, a degustation dinner, wine pairing, a goody bag and a pisco sour cocktail. 


6.30-8.30 pm


Wednesday 9th December


$130 per person


03 8529 4222

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of El Atino & Co.