Miss Ruby

Located in Bentleigh, Miss Ruby Cafe offers a stunning selection of brunch favourites.

As expected of any good Melbourne café, coffee is excellent here and there is also a wonderful selection of non-caffeinated drink options such as smoothies, non-coffee lattes and juices for those so inclined.

We loved tasting our way through the menu. The dish of zucchini, pea, haloumi and corn fritters was a beautifully vibrant dish that is simply perfect for any weather. We loved perfect nuggets of fritters served with generous amounts of avocado, beetroot jam, light sour cream, apple and pea salsa salad and sesame wafer.

For the health conscious the Vegan salad bowl is a winner. A nutrient dense dish that doesn’t compromise on flavour, this was a stunning amalgamation of crunchy falafels, apple, green peas, pickled carrot, grilled corn, avocado, broccoli, Italian dressed spinach and creamy babaganoush.

Location: 454 Centre Road, Bentleigh

Phone: 03 9557 5525

Link: https://www.missruby.com.au/