Restaurant Review: Ga mi

Location: 535 Lt Lonsdale St Shop G, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9670 3232
Cuisine: Korean
Overall impression: 7/10 
I have never eaten a plate of Chicken anus before. Nor have I thought it would ever be necessary. That was, until that ill-fated night, when I lost some weird game we were playing at the table at Ga Mi and I took my first bite. To be honest, it really did not taste as bad as I had thought it would. It was foreign and strange, as opposed to gross (taste-wise, that is...). The plate of chicken anus that Ga Mi had plated up was filled with flavour, so I don't blame the chef for the unpleasant experience I had. It was the textural elements of the anus itself that I had a problem with. I don't think I have ever tasted anything quite so muscle-ly, sinew-y and packed with cartilage. Like I said, it was strange.
But the chicken anus dish is not what Ga Mi has gained a cult following for. The reason I love Ga Mi is for its fried chicken. It comes in three varieties- original, sweet chilli and garlic. Personally, I prefer the original (sans sauce) chicken. Crunchy and tasty. It is kind of like KFC, but for the fact that it taste a lot less artificial. Its hard to describe but I'm sure you will understand once you've tried it. And how could you ever go wrong with a nice bucket of fried chicken. Yum!
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