Restaurant Review: Brunelli Bar Restaurant Cafe

Location: 87 High St, Doncaster
Cuisine: Italian, cafe
Overall Impression: 5/10

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Long weekends are great. That is, unless you have to study for an exam. I always thought I would leave the world of dreaded exams the moment I finished university and embarked into working life. Evidently this has sadly not been the case. Years later, I find myself cramming amongst salty crispy snacks and piles of legislation at my desk with my third cup of instant coffee wondering how I'll remember anything. I decided I needed to just get out of the house, at least for a little bit.
My best friend, Grace was lovely enough to keep me company.
my Cuppucino
It was 5pm when we arrived at Brunelli. All we wanted was some coffee but from the moment we arrived (although the place was empty), we got the sense they thought that we were there for dinner. Consequently it was awkward when we were presented with the dinner menu. We thought we might just order something to nibble on whilst sipping our coffees because we felt bad that we were not planning to stay for dinner.
Garlic Wood-fired foccacia
extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic & oregano

And it was very good foccacia. So good, I decided to have dinner there the next day and it was a simple but enjoyable meal.  We shared a few pizzas and they were all very nice. This place is casual and cosy. The service was prompt and friendly.
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