Restaurant Review: Bridge Road Brewers

Location: Old Coach House, 50 Ford St, Beechworth
Phone: (03) 5728 2703
Overall Impression: 6.5/10
Bridge Road Brewers have gained a cult following in recent times. Their beers have been appearing in pubs that stock beer from craft breweries of late. I have noticed their appearance at The Royston and Purvis (a beer store in Richmond) which is how R, J and I came to know of its existence.

We were thrilled to visit the brewery in Beechworth. We immediately noticed that the door handle to the bar area was a beer tap which we all thought was a nice touch. We each had the tasting paddle. This gave us the opportunity to sample 10 small glasses of beer each. Although not exceptional, the beer is certainly better than average.

The pizzas were delicious.
"Morrison Street Butchers” Sausage Pizzasausage pieces and a mustard sauce drizzle.
$15.50 small, $18.00 large

Double Smoked Ham Pizza
Mushroom, tomato, oregano, bocconcini, double smoked ham from
$14.00 small, $16.50 large

Thin crusted, it was neither soggy nor too dry. The ham was locally sourced. Being double smoked, it was delicious and it was obvious that it was good quality ham.
There are also freshly baked pretzels available. They were notably good. Definitely better than the pretzels you get off the street in New York. You know the ones you have to spend a good 10 seconds just dusting salt off? These were not too sweet and had just the right amount of salt.
If only it wasn’t a three hour drive away.

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