Restaurant Review: Brunelli Bar Restaurant Cafe (Revisited)

Location: 87 High St, Doncaster
Cuisine: Italian, cafe
Overall Impression: 5/10

HS, BB and I decided to catch up over dinner at Brunelli. Boys, do you know what your girlfriend does when she catches up with her girls? They all talk about you! No, really. There is no exception. Unfortunately for you, what we talk about is subject to special women confidentiality. And Brunelli was a great spot for that sort of casual catch up.

Again, the service was warm and friendly. We couldn't go pass the garlic foccacia so we ordered it again. But this time, instead of pizzas, we settled for salad and a pasta to share. 
Garlic Wood-fired foccacia $6
extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic & oregano
Calamari Salad $18
grilled calamari marinated in sweet chilli sauce served on a fresh garden salad with semi-dried tomatoes & black olives

The calamari was perfectly cooked. It was tender, rich and luscious (sans that awful rubbery sensation that comes with overcooked calamari). The salad was quite good. Fresh and simple.
Fettuccine Gamberi $22
garlic prawns pan fried in extra virgin olive oil & a touch of chilli, tossed through fettuccine& rocket leaves & fresh tomato

The fettuccine had unfortunately passed the 'al dente' point. The flavours of the dish as a whole though, were quite balanced and pleasant.
Latte $3
Coffee is not Brunelli's strong point. It is still better than instant coffee (which is not saying much at all) but not great for Melbourne standards. I was told that they make their own gnocchi (but not their pasta) so hopefully I will get to try that soon.
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