Restaurant Review: Peko Peko

Location: 181 Wells St, Southbank
Phone: (03) 9686 1109
Cuisine: Modern Taiwanese
Overall Impression: 6.5/10
This casual Taiwanese eatery is a bit of fun. Funky decor, edgy yet comfortable furniture, everything appears lively and inviting. We visited as a group of 8 on a Saturday night and the place was bustling. We waited for about 20 minutes before we were seated (understandably given our group size). I would suggest booking in advance if you can be bothered.
The food is very much contemporary East Asian food. The menu had quite an uncohesive range. It fluctuated from bento boxes to Taiwanese beef broth with noodles. Not that it matters, since that appears to be the norm with contemporary Taiwanese food, but you certainly notice it.
That said, everything was very cheap for what it was. Nothing on the menu was over $15. Although the food was not extraordinary, it was very pleasant. The whole place has a great vibe to it. This is a good place for a casual dinner that will certainly not break the bank.
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