Restaurant Review: Enlightened Vegetarian Cuisine

Location: 113 Queens Brg St, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9686 9188
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Overall Impression: 6/10
Good vegetarian places are hard to come by. I remember eating at a vegetarian restaurant off Nanjing Road in Shanghai that was absolutely amazing during my short visit. The faux fish and meat tasted even better than the real thing. It was strange and awe-inspiring at the same time. It was fit for any carnivore or vegetarian who was in denial. Since then, I have been searching for a similar restaurant in Melbourne. The menu on Enlightened Cuisine’s website looked promising so J, HR and I decided to dine there recently.
Beef Rendang
Slow cooked beef in coconut milk and flavoured with our house-blend of Asian spices

The Rendang starkly differed from the ones I have eaten in Malaysia and Indonesia. This Rendang has a lot more coconut milk and has a much more fluid consistency. It was pleasant but I would describe it as a "curry" more than a "Rendang". In terms of taste, this dish was the most delicious course we ordered. 
Asam Fish  
"Fish" prepared with brinjal, tomato and pineapple, enhanced with a hint of chilli and complimented by our own special hot and sour tamarind sauce
Ginger Duck
"Duck" in ginger sauce
Kung Po Chicken in Nest
Chilli spiced "chicken" with mixed vegetables and cashews served in a potato basket
All in all, this was a very pleasant dining experience. It is notable that all the faux meat and fish tasted exactly the same, which was rather disappointing. As such, the food did not live up to my dining experience in that Shanghai restaurant. That said, the food was very much enjoyable to eat and the service was prompt and friendly. We will certainly return in the not too distant future
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