Restaurant Review: Taiwan Cafe

Location: 273 Swanston St, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9663 6663
Cuisine: Taiwanese street food
Overall Impression: 5/10
Celebrating Taiwanese street food, this little eatery has become increasingly popular. Having come to our attention due to the long queues we had been seeing, we were curious to see if the hype was justified.  
Pork Dumplings with Hot & Sour noodle soup
The dumplings in my noodles were pleasant but the hot and sour soup was neither spicy nor sour enough. It lacked that punch synonymous with Taiwanese street food.
Bento Box
As far as Taiwanese bento boxes go, this ticked every “box”!

All in all, this is a nice eatery that I would revisit but only if I could get a seat easily.
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