Restaurant Review: Hare & Grace

Location: 525 Collins Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9629 6755
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Overall Impression: 6.5/10
I have visited Hare & Grace five times since the start of the year. Given it is only mid-February that is a lot but it seems to be the hottest lunch spot when it comes to lunching with my colleagues. I have only been able to take photos during this fifth visit. Unlike the other occasions, this time, I visited this restaurant with friends I know from university, including Picci (from Melbourne Culinary Journal). They are far more accepting of my “taking photos of food” habits and although they think are aware that I am crazy, our friendship is such that they always overlook my iniquities.
Hare & Grace has a beautiful dining space. There are branches hanging (literally) above your head. They look slightly dangerous but give the place a warm and cosy feel. Strange, I know. Maybe it gives you that outdoor effect (sitting under a tree) whilst being inside. Whilst I am unsure what it is, the décor certainly works.
What works even more, is the food. The restaurant serves delicious Modern Australian fare that focuses on traditional flavour combinations that work.
Everything is cooked well and the flavours are always well-balanced. My dining experience has consistently been pleasant.
Something that both Picci and I rate highly is their aioli. Delicious. It’s these little touches that have truly made my meals at Hare & Grace. So, expect what you order and whatever else comes on the side to be yummy.
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