Restaurant Review: Laksa Me

Location: Shop 1, 16 Liverpool Street Melbourne
Phone: 03 9639 9885
Cuisine: Malaysian, Thai, Chinese
Overall Impression: 6/10
Teh Tarik

Laksa Me is a restaurant that focuses on Malaysian cuisine. Upon arrival, we were surprised at how empty the restaurant was but the staff were keen to make our dining experience a pleasant one.
Pandan Chicken - Red curry marinated chicken Maryland wrapped in pandan leaves, then deep-fried and served with palm sugar vinaigrette

Duck Spring rolls

Pad Thai - Dry shrimps, bean shoots, turnips, tofu, chives and egg.

My Mum’s Laksa - Fresh Thin Hor-Fun topped with Char-Siu pork, shredded chicken and prawns in a fragrant Laksa broth. 
The only downside to Laksa Me (but one we noticed immediately) is the ambience. For some reason the restaurant appears dull and lifeless. The strange lighting certainly did not help its cause. While I'd describe the lighting as dim it was not dim in a romantic sort of way but instead it was very solemn and almost sad.  

However, what Laksa Me promises, it delivers. The food was cooked well and very enjoyable to eat. The laksa in particular had nice flavours that were fiery and authentic. We found every dish well seasoned and delicious. The restaurant is generous in terms of portion sizes and we even received a lovely pot of goji berry and chrysanthemum tea to finish our meal. In terms of service, we were very well taken care of.
Laksa Me is a restaurant with good potential and one I would be happy to revisit.

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