Event review: Spitiko launch

Location: 270 Park Street, South Melbourne
Phone: 03 9690 2600
Link: spitiko.com.au
Cuisine: Greek
Gastrology was invited to a “house Spitiko warming party” to celebrate the launch of their new menu and "take-away Spitaki”. Owners Phil Vakos (of Masterchef 2010 fame) and his business partner John have created a warm, welcoming space with a bar that would not look out of place in a Melbourne nightclub.
It was difficult not to be distracted, however, by the deliciously juicy looking lamb that was cooking on the spit (something you will find at Spitiko on any Thursday night).
As the guests mingled over glasses of wine, cocktails and Greek beers, mezedes and pita breads were presented. The pita bread was deliciously light and fluffy and went beautifully with our favourite dip of the night, the Melitzanosalata (an eggplant based dip).
We caught glimpses of generous Greek hospitality as members of the Spitiko family arrived to join in the celebrations - many of whom are featured in pictures scattered around the restaurant.
As expected, the new menu has been designed by the in-house “masterchef” Phil Vakos. This new menu strongly emphasises simplicity and fresh produce.
In true masterchef style, celebrity chef George Calombaris also graced us with his presence.

The crispy skin lamb that had been cooked on the spit was succulent and full of flavour.
Interestingly, the mini Greek style souvlakia contained salted chips and mustard. Somewhat surprisingly, they worked well with the other more conventional ingredients.
OPA! covering the event
Smashing of plates per traditional Greek customs
We were privileged to indulge in some Greek inspired desserts. A particularly memorable dessert (and the dish of the night) was the halva ice cream - it was absolutely delicious.
The Gastrology team eagerly looks forward to visiting Spitiko for a conventional dinner to test drive the new menu.

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