Restaurant Review: Bopha Devi

Location: 27 Rakaia Way, Docklands
Phone: 03 9600 1887
Cuisine: Cambodian
Overall Impression: 7/10 
Bopha Devi serves delicious Cambodian cuisine. As stipulated in the menu, the cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Indian and French cuisine and this is reflected in the offerings. Each dish looked vibrant on the plate, was full of flavour and was also cooked incredibly well.
Bai Mouan
Classic Cambodian-style chicken rice served with shredded lettuce, sliced cucumber and a lively garlic and lemon sauce.

The slices of chicken were juicy and tender and the sauce had well balanced flavours with an underlying savouriness from the use of fish sauce.
Beef Saramann
Beef cooked with coconut cream, onion, broccoli flowers, five spices, lemongrass, turmeric, lime-leaves and crushed peanuts.

The pieces of beef melted in our mouths and the curry was creamy and comforting.
Khmer Yellow Crepe
Chicken mince, onion and bean sprouts wrapped in a yellow rice flour crepe served with mint, lettuce, sweet fish sauce and crushed peanuts.

The delicately thin crepes encased ingredients that were delectably fresh and flavoursome. The toasted and crushed peanuts added a lovely textural element to the dish. 

The service at Bopha Devi is outstanding. We found the staff to be warm and accommodating. The restaurant also has a wonderfully relaxed ambience and is adorned with décor and designs that are chic and classy. 
Bopha Devi is certainly a pleasant introduction to Cambodian cuisine.

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