Restaurant Review: Pho Hung | N. Lee Bakery

Pho Hung
Pho Hung is one of the most popular pho eateries in Springvale. It is incessantly packed to the brim – and for good reason.
Beef Pho

The broth always packs a punch. They are generous with the herbs they use and the bean sprouts and basil leaves always look fresh when they arrive at your table.
Shreded Chicken Pho

The rice noodles are consistently cooked well. 
Spring rolls
The place is not the prettiest but the service is relatively good and the food served comes in generous portions. The menu is also priced extremely well with rice noodles starting at $7.50.

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N. Lee Bakery

N. Lee Bakery is the real deal.  The Vietnamese pork roll are excellent. It comes with home made mayonnaise, pate and sauces and each is filled with a fresh salad that includes coriander and chilli. It had a great flavour to it and was very enjoyable to eat. It's nothing spectacular or revolutionary but it is basic, nice food.

And for the price you pay, its worth every dollar.
Great place for a casual lunch/take-away!

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