Restaurant Review: Ying Thai 2

Location: 110 Lygon Street, Carlton
Phone: 03 9639 1697
Cuisine: Thai
Overall Impression: 4/10
It appears that one of my favourite Thai eateries in Melbourne, Ying Thai 2, has fallen from grace. The food has become dull and lifeless and in some instances it is clear that they have simply given up.

sticky rice

The most disappointing part of my dining experience was my sticky rice which arrived to the table as hard as a rock which rendered it inedible.
Stir fried minced beef
Duck Red curry

The curry although still pleasant lacked basic seasoning and there were no traces of duck meat to be found (only tiny shreds of duck skin) and our stir fried mince beef was much oilier than usual.

At least the service we received was as good as it always was but apart from that it appears that they have certainly let quite a few things slip. Hopefully this was just a bad night.

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