Restaurant Review: Camy Shanghai Dumpling

Location: 25 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9663 8555
Cuisine: Chinese
Overall Impression: 6/10

Camy Dumpling House has inadvertently become a well-known Melbourne culinary institution. The dumplings may not be the best but they certainly deliver what they promise. The menu is invariably greasy (literally) and features a wide variety of dumplings, noodles, rice dishes and stir fries. The main reason for its popularity is the very low price tag. Hell, for $15 you can opt for their all-you-can-eat adventure that of course includes dumplings. 

Ambience-wise, Camy Dumpling House looks like that caricature dodgy-looking Chinese restaurant in a China Town somewhere in the world. In terms of service, the staff can be quite rude and dismissive but the idea here is to persevere and remember that customer service is not their forte. 

All in all, Camy Dumpling House is a bit of fun and is great for a (very) casual get together with friends. The staff are disinterested and the dumpling meat is dubious to say the least but given the good memories I have had there I do feel an odd sense of loyalty to this Tattersalls Lane restaurant. With an unusual choice of oldies music that is played on repeat and the frequent intermission for the “Happy Birthday” song (which is played extra loud), Camy Dumpling House promises at the very least an “interesting” dining experience.

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