Restaurant Review: Prime House

Location: Shop 5a, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9602 2955
Cuisine: Steakhouse, Breakfast/Brunch, Burgers
Overall Impression: 6.5/10

Once upon a time, EARL Canteen was *the* purveyor of gourmet sandwiches on the 500 Bourke Street turf. Their complete reign has now come to an end with (relatively) new kid on the block, Prime House.
It was Scotty’s second last day in my building so we all headed out together to catch up for the very last time at Prime House.

Although they are located side by side, the concepts behind EARL Canteen and Prime House are completely different. EARL focuses on delicate flavours and beautiful harmonious pairings whereas at Prime House, it is all about the beef and American-style rich, bold and spicy flavours.
The main downside to Prime House is the lack of seating. The tiny dining area has merely one large communal table and a few stools along the front window. There are some tables and chairs directly outside the restaurant but these are often occupied during the weekday lunch hour.
Prime House pork & crackle bun $9.50
16 hour slow roast free range Pork, House Coleslaw, Gravy & Crackling
Given the lack of seating available, take away is a hot option. The take away Prime House Hot Rolls are a very reasonable $9.50* with items such as the popular Pork & Crackle Bun, Hot Chicken Roll and my personal favourite, the Hot Roast Beef Roll which is served with deliciously caramelised onions, baby spinach and a creamy blue cheese mayonnaise and luscious gravy. 
The Pork & Crackle Bun received Scotty’s tick of approval!

Apart from being a good steakhouse, Prime House is also a great lunchtime option – just be prepared to do a bit of waiting if you want to dine-in.

Scotty – All the best in Canada! You will be missed!

*The Rolls will cost you an extra $3 if you decide to dine-in or sit at one of the tables outside the restaurant.

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