Restaurant Review: Red Spice Road (QV)

Location: 31-37 Artemis Lane, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8660 6300 
Cuisine: Asian, Thai, Vietnamese 
Overall Impression: 7/10
The verdict is out - Red Spice Road QV is just as delicious. J and I were there recently to try their express banquet menu  and it was an absolute delight.
 Betel Leaf topped with Barramundi, Roasted Banana Chilli, Coriander and Lemongrass 

Their express banquet menu starts at a mere $25 per person which comes with an appetiser and 3 delicious mains. 
Prawn, Pickled Carrot, Cucumber, Rice Noodle, Peanut and Fresh Herb Salad 

The food, as expected, had robust flavours that were prominent from the generous use of spices. 
Beef, Pumpkin and Potato Green Curry 
Pork Belly with Apple Slaw, Chilli Caramel and Black Vinegar 

The Red Spice Road brand pièce de résistance, the famous pork belly continues to please. Each morsel bursts of flavour. The pork belly skin is delightfully crispy and the meat is tender and succulent. That pork, the tangy black vinegar marinade, paired with the accompanying luscious caramel sauce with a dash of heat from chillies is a match made in heaven. 
Red Spice Road QV is certainly a brilliant new addition. The menu which focuses on South East Asian cuisine is very similar to the McKillop Street venue - fresh, vibrant, full of flavour and beautifully presented. The communal dining style ensures your palate is treated to a variety of tastes and flavours which is great for those who enjoy trying a bit of everything. 

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