Product Review: Bionade

Bionade is a unique, non-alcoholic, refreshing drink brewed via fermentation of 100% natural and organic raw materials. Bionade is also low in sugar and therefore calories, and contains the minerals calcium and magnesium.

Brewed in the Bavarian town of Ostheim vor der Rhön in Germany, Bionade abides by the same purity laws of German beer and is fermented in a similar way, but does not taste like beer and contains no alcohol.

Now one of the bestselling drinks in Europe, Bionade has recently become available in Australia and Gastrology bloggers jumped at the chance to taste Bionade and see what all the fuss is about!

And the verdict? Bionade is a winner. Bionade refreshes in a very special way that we have not encountered with regular carbonated beverages - tart, refreshing and with the perfect level of sweetness to delight a more mature palate.

In Australia, Bionade is available in 4 flavours - Ginger-Orange, Elderberry, Herbs and Lychee. The fermentation process is the key to Bionade's unique flavour. This biological transformation and maturation process makes for a beverage that is not sweet, rather it is tangy and fruity.

Bionade is built on the philosophy of providing “good refreshment”. The brand is well on its way to internationalisation and is a fantastic alternative to regular soft drinks which are packed full of sugar and artificial nasties.

We now understand why Europe has gone crazy for this uniquely refreshing, organic beverage and will be stocking up for summer!

Gastrology bloggers received the product courtesy of Bionade.