Good Food Month (and beyond) @ New Gold Mountain

Location: Level 1, 21 Liverpool Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9650 8859
Cuisine: Pub/Bar Food
Overall Impression: 8/10
In classic Melbourne style, New Gold Mountain is hidden down a laneway and bustling behind a concealed door. Beyond this seemingly innocuous and normal looking exterior lies a slice of Old-world Shanghai, a glamorous yet debaucherous space reminiscent of an opium bar from a time long forgotten.

New Gold Mountain serves up an array of rarely seen and tasted delights. As its name alludes, New Gold Mountain is all about searching for classic gems in unexpected places. As some of New Gold Mountain's soon to be patrons may not realise, this cocktail bar is doing things a little differently and a little bit more sweetly.
New Gold Mountain is currently the only bar in Melbourne serving LuxBite's extremely popular range of cakes and macarons until the early hours of the morning. For the many addicts of LuxBite's morsels, New Gold Mountain is the destination to flock to. As part of Good Food Month, New Gold Mountain is offering an exclusive cocktail and Luxbite cake combination for a mere $20.  
From November LuxBite will be serving up a decadent bespoke cake, fittingly called Black is the New Gold. Featuring black tea chocolate mousse, blackberry crème and a black chocolate glaze, this delightful new dessert caters for patrons with gluten and nut allergies. This will be elegantly matched with a cocktail named 'Ode to Ada'. The ‘Ode to Ada’ cocktail has an Earl Grey base flavour and is macerated with Tanqueray, sweet vermouth and Crème Da Cassis. 

We met New Gold Mountain’s passionate General Manager, Callan Green who explained that ‘Ode to Ada’ is crafted in house by their skilled team of bartenders (as are all their cocktails). 

The passion for quality, consistency and presentation is evident with this delicious cocktail. The cocktail is sophisticated and mature and matches the cake perfectly. The cake in turn accentuates the distinctive flavours of the cocktail.
Reinventing the late night drink and eat experience, New Gold Mountain allows customers to satisfy their sweet tooth with a delectable selection of cocktails and exclusive LuxBite sweets until 5am. This delectable repose is ideal for night owls looking for a place to while the early hours of the morning away, while being pampered with great cocktails and delicious LuxBite gems to accompany them.

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of New Gold Mountain.