Restaurant Review: BANOI

Location: 807 Bourke Street, Docklands
Phone: 03 8080 9699
Cuisine: Breakfast/Brunch, Vietnamese
Overall Impression: 8/10
The newest Vietnamese eatery to grace Docklands, BANOI opened on the 21st of November last year and offers an interesting take on Vietnamese street style dishes.
Head Chef Michael Nham offers a twist on traditional Vietnamese market style experience, inspired by a strong family heritage, shaped by local produce and culture. 
BANOI’s philosophy is simple; it’s about coming together to share moments and good food. 
Left: Custard Apple Smoothie
Right: Coconut Crush
The menu includes a selection of dishes including crispy spring rolls, delicious home-style Bún and classic rice paper rolls options including grilled honey and soy chicken to pumpkin puree and soy sticky pork. 
Beef Pho

We loved BANOI's home style Pho. BANOI's pho broth has a heartier and richer flavour than the traditional pho broth.
Prawn Bánh xèo

The BANOI Bánh xèo is also distinctly different from the traditional. The savoury fried pancakes do not have the strong turmeric and coconut flavours synonymous with regular Bánh xèo. It is however, texturally superior - crunchier than any other Bánh xèo we have tried in Melbourne, the delicious pancake is laced with a fried egg and stuffed with morsels of juicy battered prawn, and bean sprouts. 
Inspired by three generations and shaped by local produce, BANOI offers a unique dining experience with a strong vision to extend Melbourne’s distinct food culture to Docklands. Purists may be disappointed (Don't expect to find your regular tasting Pho or Bánh xèo here!) but this is precisely what makes BANOI tick. 

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of BANOI.