Event Review: Meatopia 2014 @ Middle Park Hotel

Meatopia is a farmer's market-come-street festival, celebrating rare breed and artisan meats, local gourmet produce, Victorian fine wine, boutique beer, cider and classic Aussie rock.
This year's festival was juicier than ever, with fresh new meat Huxtaburger and Fancy Hanks joining the Middle Park Hotel kitchen, to headline an all-star line-up of Victoria's top meat suppliers and providers.

The leader of the burger-revolution in Melbourne, Huxtaburger served up their famous burgers and southern fried chicken ribs. 
Huxtaburger with istra bacon

Damn these buns were good. The decadent brioche buns were deliciously melt-in-your-mouth and the ingredients used were of a high quality.
Southern fried chicken ribs with jalapeno mayonnaise 

The fried chicken ribs were well-seasoned and very tasty.
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Fancy Hank’s BBQ
Food truck Fancy Hanks celebrates the tastes and techniques of traditional southern style BBQ. 
Their Meatopia menu reflected their love for American style food...
Carolina style smoked whole hog, 100g pulled pork with jalapeno cornbread, apple & pomegranate slaw
 Kansas City style pork ribs 150g with fancy BBQ sauce

The pork ribs were of particular note, imparting a unique flavour that comes only from genuine slow cooking over charcoal. The outstanding ribs were nicely caramelised and were laced with crispy charred bits. Flavoured well by the decadently sweet and savoury sauce, it was absolutely delicious.
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Middle Park Hotel
With a focus on bringing the best Victorian produce from ‘paddock to plate’, event host, Middle Park Hotel offered an array of carnivorous delights.
Spit roasted Flinder's Island lamb souvlaki, hummus, autumn tabbouleh, tzatziki

The souvlaki was delicious. The juicy lamb was encased in pita bread which was slathered with delectable hummus, tzatziki and fresh tabouleh. 
BBQ St Louis cut pork rib with Newmarket BBQ sauce & peanuts, apple slaw
Left: Tasting plate of the John Dee sirloin, Warialda Belted Galloway bolar blade and Sher Wagyu rump. 
Right: Twice cooked + smoked pork jowl ‘b.l.t.’ sandwich on sourdough w. hot mustard

The tasting plate of the John Dee sirloin, Warialda Belted Galloway bolar blade and Sher Wagyu rump was beautiful. Each cut was cooked perfectly, very tasty and full of flavour.
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Images courtesy of Brook James.
Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Middle Park Hotel.