Amarok Bar & Restaurant launches @ Southgate

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Amarok.
Gastrology attended the launch of Amarok Bar & Restaurant last week. 
Amarok Bar & Restaurant is a newly renovated restaurant adjacent to Ice Bar Melbourne, on Southgate’s mid level.
Featuring a menu inspired by traditional North American and Canadian flavours, the restaurant strives to use only the finest ingredients.
Bobby Stephens, founder and creator of Ice Bar Melbourne, this year engaged a business partner Peter Anastas. With over 23 years hospitality experience within the restaurant and cafe industry, Peter set out to create a cutting edge restaurant and bar to compliment the Ice Bar.
The name Amarok derives from an Inuit mythological creature, described as a “gigantic wolf”, whose purpose is to “hunt down and devour anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night”.

Head Chef Carey Stephens created the menu to stand out in Southbank. A native Maori from Te Awamutu in New Zealand’s north island, Carey has over 30 years industry experience in some of the worlds’ finest restaurants. “I loved the idea of the hungry explorer,” Carey explained.
We enjoyed the canapes on offer, which were a peek into Amarok's menu. The items were delicious and showcased a fusion of Native North American flavours made from the freshest local Australian ingredients.
Of particular note was the tiger prawns which were served with seaweed and the pork served with apple slaw. The prawns (an item from the Karpok part of the Amarok menu) were perfectly cooked - plump, juicy and well-seasoned. Each morsel of pork (an item from the Perlertok part of the Amarok menu) simply burst with flavour. The pork skin was delightfully crispy and the meat was tender and succulent. The accompanying fresh slaw was a match made in heaven.
Guests were also given the opportunity to check out the iconic Ice Lounge. It was an incredibly novel experience. We loved being surrounded by all the carved ice and sculptures in Ice Lounge's unique arctic environment which is chilled to at least -10°C. 
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We cannot wait to return and try the the Amarok Feast Board which we hear is fit for any hungry explorer. 

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